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You hope it never burns in your building

We hope so, too, but you better be prepared for the worst case.

The most dangerous element of a fire in your facility is the smoke, not the fire itself. Smoke is absolutely lethal! More than 90 percent of the fire victims in Germany were so heavily poisoned by smoke within a few minutes, that they could not escape the fire alive. And that is due to the smoke, an aggressive mixture of gases, dust particles and minute droplets with a variety of toxic constituents.

An old saying of the fire department tells a lot about the danger of smoke: "Five breaths until you die". After three breaths you are unconscious and disoriented. Thus the effect of smoke is even more serious on humans than the heat and the tremendous energy of the fire itself. We hope that you will be spared that experience. However, in case of an emergency you are much better protected with our solutions and products.

You define what you want to protect. As the exchange of daylight and gas are basic needs which are automatically integrated into the building concepts take advantage of our experience and don't let anybody tell you that good fire protection has to cost more money.


Our devices have been tested by independent institutes.


Fire behavior (source: FVLR Germany)