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Smoke extraction

In case of fire the need of smoke and heat extraction is more than obvious.

Adequate measures to protect life and property are essential in this case as the fire's toxic fumes threaten your staff and assets.


In the beginning a fire is easily contained, and possible damage as a consequence of toxic fumes can be reduced. This is done by immediately extracting smoke and heat by fast opening equipment in our daylight systems, for example opening flaps, window shades or mechanic exhaust air units. These devices will extract the biggest part of the corrosive and toxic fumes, so they will not cause damage any more. Besides you get a clearer view at the blazing fire and thus the fire can be fought quickly and effectively. In addition our devices extract the heat and thus prevent more damage. You need to know that minimum extraction devices according to current building law are not enough to save your property. At reasonable additional costs it is possible to make a significant contribution to save your property and your investment. Even if the costs for reconstruction are covered by insurance, the question is whether your customers remain loyal to you, if they have to wait due to damage by fire.


Your benefit:

Cost-efficient devices, which can used also for ventilation with minimal effort. So you have a permanent benefit, even if it doesn´t burn.



The following device belong to the first fire phase for "fast" smoke and heat ventilation:

- opening flaps, blinds, mechanic air exhaust unit, in gable and saddle roofs

- opening flaps, blinds, mechanic air exhaust unit, in arcade roof lights

- opening flaps, blinds, in facade roof lights, big skylight domes

- skylight domes, stairwell smoke ventilation, elevator shaft smoke extraction


Examples: smoke extraction