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Alphaglas® VLIES INSIDE PC 10/V/6 and PC 16/V/6


Common roof lights cannot provide sun protection without additional devices, which are often relatively expensive and by far not easy to use. Alphaglas® PC 10/V/6 and 16/V/6 from EVERLITE offer you sun protection and glare protection without impairing light quality.

In winter you improve your climate inside the building by using the light and energy and in summer you minimize the heat inside your building, as long as the concept of the building matches our systems.


VLIES INSIDE is an innovation by Deutsche Everlite GmbH providing you with the ideal climate inside your industrial or office building, almost completely without adjusting or maintenance.


VLIES INSIDE in short words

The fleece layer between the two Alphaglas® multi-skin sheets stops heat without impairing light quality.

CONTROLITE sun protection

CONTROLITE works inside the facade or roof light, independent of weather conditions, in contrast to common sun protection systems, which are influenced by fierce wind or icing in winter and therefore do not work properly any more. Light transmission correlates directly to gain of solar heat . Managing light transmission and solar heat is critical to effective design and efficient use of energy. Traditional skylights and daylight systems often deliver too much sunlight on hot summer days and fail to take advantage of the natural light during short winter days.

The CONTROLITE system presents a dynamic, cost-effective solution for managing and controlling daylight in office buildings, shopping malls, schools, libraries, stadiums, museums, and more. An external sensor detects the direction of the sun; internal sensors register the level of light inside the building.

The intelligent system then balances light levels, solar heat, and shade to transmit uniformly diffused light and create a comfortable indoor environment.


CONTROLITE in short words


Picture 1: in the morning CONTRLITE lets all available light in

Picture 2: the heat of noon stays outside

Picture 3: when the sky is cloudy or in winter time CONTROLITE stays open for more light